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adventures, alternate continuities, annoying silver with catchphrases, archer is spineless, ariana is a bitch, beating up rocket grunts, being a derp, being moe, being occasionally clumsy, being topped by clair, being trolled by karen, blackthorn city, bugsy, burying my face in clair's chest, catching the distress ball, chores, clair draconis, clair is sexy, comforting my friends, cooking, dragons are hot lovers, elise cynthia crawford, falkner, feraligatr, flareon, giovanni sucks, gold taylor, hitting silver for being reckless, joe kramer, john edward brunett "jeb" parmalee, johto, journeys, kanto, karen, kris, lance draconis, lyra allen, lyra is awesome, lyra is sexy, missing my dead brother, molly nevins, my pokemon, my sexy girlfriends, never evolving pikachu, new bark town, not celery in the peanut butter jar, not losing another brother, not mt. silver, not silver's horrible cooking, not team rocket, petrel is a creep, pikachu, pikachu's antics, proud to be a moe derp, ramen, sex, sex with clair and lyra, silver draconis, silver get off the roof, silver's my brother, skarmory, solving mysteries, strawberries, teasing silver, the neverending story, the simpsons, threesome relationships, victoria "tori" marie crawford, whitney
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